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Principal Dean – Ocean’s Deep

Principal Dean - Ocean's Deep (www.ICanGiveYouHouse.com)

Principal Dean may be unknown by most, but his masterful craftsmanship is matched by few. Similarly, his brand new release “Ocean’s Deep” is well ahead of its time, and possibly a taste of the future of soul music – with a bite.

The title of the track is well fitting as Mr. Dean uses layer upon layer of bass, strings, and soulful vocal loops, all pulling slightly differently at your emotions. Everything works together to form a new sound that sounds little like anything else in all of music right now.

The Burlington, VA VT producer consistently throws down electro house funk, often sprinkled with emotional soul samples. Not that he’s one-dimensional at all – he ironically removed all the soul from Kanye West’s “Bound 2” and replaced it with a dark, tech house vibe. His website bio sums him up nicely, “Principal Dean’s music rests beyond categorization while staying curiously relevant.” Well said.

“Ocean’s Deep” is released off Symbols Recordings, from similarly-crafty bass artist Kastle. Principal Dean isn’t on tour currently, but Kastle will be at Electric Forest Saturday, June 28th so we highly recommend checking that out if you’re lucky enough to have tickets. Listen to “Ocean’s Deep” below and download on Beatport or iTunes.

(Original photo of cropped image above by Nicholas Galante)


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