Andrew Silberstein

Tips for Choosing Music for Casino Nights
And other suggested music tracks

Casino Nights are more fun and exciting with interesting friends and good food. Apart from the amusing stakes of slot games and card games such as Baccarat, good music can also create a remarkable Casino Night. If you are looking for music which can set the mood, you may want to consider a few tips below:

Decide on which theme you would want for your Casino Night.

There are various kinds of themes that you can choose for a casino night. The you must find what you think is the ideal music to play for the occasion. For a 70’s themed casino night, you can feature songs from The Ramones or Al Green. You get the idea?

Or Elvis’

If you wish to have a classic ‘rock and roll’ theme for your casino event, then gather all your Elvis Presley CDs and play “Viva Las Vegas” on loop until your guests start to arrive. If you planned to have an Elvis Presley themed casino night with your friends at PartyCasino, then this one is a good option.

Never forget the karaoke

Whether you are taking a break from playing or just want to have fun, you can set up a
karaoke machine and let your friends sing their favorite songs. A karaoke machine usually has a wide variety of old and new hits, which will allow your guests to enjoy more of their preferred tracks.

Keep it cool and classy

If you want to give your casino night a touch of the more relaxing music, A new track from Duke Dumont could be ideal. The up-and-coming UK producer garnered attention for his sombre dance ditty “Need U (100%)”, and now he’s back with his new single “Hold On.” This track is more melodic than his previous single. To have a preview, you may refer below:

If your budget allows, hire a DJ instead

If you are hosting the casino night and you have so much on your plate already, then hire a DJ to handle the music. He can take requests, and would even create a song list to meet your music preferences. You can also share your CDs and compilation, just in case the DJ won’t be having the songs you want to play in the event.

Don’t stick to one music genre

Allow other music genres to be included in your playlist. We are sure your guests wouldn’t mind playing a new song. Spontaneity has saved a lot of party mishaps, so just in case you feel your occasion is starting to go on the down low, you might want to add a little bit of spontaneity and keep the party alive.