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Electric Forest 2014 [Preview]

Electric Forest 2014 [Preview] (www.ICanGiveYouHouse.com)

Neon and nature have united again to form one of the most vibrant (extra)sensory experiences on the planet and perhaps beyond. Electric Forest has returned for its fourth straight year despite rumors to the contrary (not that anyone was fooled – the festival is completely sold out).

Pulsating with iconic producers and musicians, the four-day Michigan camping festival intertwines massive amounts of diverse art and collective projects to form an organically vibrant utopia.

So cheers if you have a ticket, and start planning for next year if you don’t. Here’s who you can expect, what you can discover, and how to find those secret parties hidden deep within the glowing trees.




Electric Forest 2014 [Preview] (www.ICanGiveYouHouse.com)

Steve Angello, Zedd, Zeds Dead, The Glitch Mob, Andy C, Cash Cash, Bro Safari, GTA and several other iconic names like Cut Copy, Lauryn Hill, Aloe Blacc, and Moby will be massive no doubt. But the Forest is all about discovery. We’ve done the hard work of exploring the entire lineup to uncover the best unknowns and rising talents so you can be ahead of the trends at the best shows.


Anna Lunoe

As you may have heard, Anna Lunoe is a “midnight thriller”. And she is on fire right now. Her new single “Bass Drum Dealer (B.D.D)”, released and supported by Skrillex last week, shows her more rugged and rambunctious side. We can’t wait to see what she has in store for the Forest.



Partying is clearly first-nature from the Nashville duo. From “Doses to Mimosas” they blend pop-hooks with melodic electronic insanity under an effortless guise. Their album “Year of Caprese” was also just released last month. This could be one of the rowdiest shows of the festival.


What So Not

Consisting of the hugely popular Flume and Emoh Instead, What So Not are loudly proclaiming their reason for teaming up – “Because the world needs more bangers”. They live up to the unabashed descriptor, but their delivery has a highly creative and melodic edge which throws a twist with every drop. Rage on.


The Floozies

“You guys are ridiculous” – Soundcloud fan. The Kansas duo has remixed Little Drummer Boy into hip hop hysteria and debased Queen’s “Fat Bottomed Girls” (see “Assthem”). Think psychedelic adult version of Genesis, of the Sega variety. Shock value will be high.


Alex Metric

Maybe he’s too well known for this list, but he’s consistently underestimated. He should be at the top of the bill. His kaleidoscope sound weaves seamlessly between house and progressive pop, and his new track with Jacques Lu Cont is a masterpiece. Do not miss Alex Metric. This will be incredible.


Many more

“Swedish sensation” Jonas Rathsman will be throwing down some house vibes in the Sherwood Forest which should be spectacular, and Kastle is putting his adrenalized house spin on a main stage. If it’s more bass you’re looking for, the epicenter is likely to be Pegboard Nerds, especially notable given that their brilliant track “Coffins” with Misterwives was released earlier this year. To mix things up, we highly advise checking out the up-and-coming group Emerson Jay for some bright indie dance, or indie electro gem Poolside. Check out the full lineup for more.




Electric Forest 2014 [Preview] (www.ICanGiveYouHouse.com)

The Forest is alive. Life is everywhere. And much of it is not advertised. This is where it pays to be an explorer. You have to travel into the heart of the venue (Sherwood Forest) and venture off the beaten path to find these parties. Some of them are unimaginably surreal – the likes of which you’ve never see before.  And we know the way…


SolLun party through time

This goes far beyond anything Hollywood could fashion. The electro-swing prohibition party put on by awesome-collective Jenkstars was wild enough last year, but this year they’re going even further. We’ve been told to expect a fully stocked Western whiskey bar with a fully inhabited 1900s vaudeville theatre. Pour us another round of ‘staches, footstomping, and crowd surfing. Prepare to be transported – both mentally and physically. This is unlike anything you’ve ever been a part of.


Silent Disco secret set

You won’t hear this party booming so take note. You have to make a trek through the glowing Sherwood Forest once again and keep an eye out for a blanketed canopy with a stack of headphones. Put them on and the silence ends. Last year featured a surprise set by Passion Pit. Who will it be this year?


Dome of Dance

The battle for the wildest foot in the Forest will definitely be a sight worth watching. Follow the battle paint and spiritual costumes towards the wicker Geodesic dome in Sherwood Forest Thursday and Friday for semifinals, and Saturday for the championship. Dance-offs start at 7pm.


Saturday Haturday

Be in-the-know Satuday and throw on your maddest hat. Feel free to glam it up at the Sherwood Forest Art Bar as well. If you don’t own a madhat, several vendors will be around to provide them.




Electric Forest 2014 [Preview] (www.ICanGiveYouHouse.com)

Electric Forest is saturated with creativity which materializes through its various artistic projects and opportunities. You can check out prints from numerous independent artists, visualize the collective energy from the festival on a 15-foot suspended cube with “a matrix of over 7,000 programmable LEDs”, or visit the The Art Bar if you have the urge to get crafty (with so much influence in the air, it’s going to hit you rather quickly).

Keeping with the festival’s commitment to community, you will even receive a 3D lenticular poster created by Phil Lewis for donating 20 non-perishable food items through the not-for-profit organization Conscious Alliance.




Electric Forest 2014 [Preview] (www.ICanGiveYouHouse.com)

Electric Forest prides itself on being an Earth-friendly, communal experience and it continuously surprises us by building stronger connections with its worldwide Foresters every year. There is nothing quite like it. VICE Magazine echoes our opinion from last year and calls it “an amazing example of how music and festivals can change one’s outlook on life”. From epic performances to extravagant parties to the 15-foot art cube, this major festival is all about connecting with the “small” experiences in life. Not to mention enjoying them with your friends. All tens of thousands of them.

Visit www.electricforestfestival.com for more info, follow us on Facebook for festival-related updates, and check back for our official coverage.


Photo credits: Anders Seefeldt – Music; Brian Spady – Art, See You There; Uncredited – Secret Parties

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