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PREMIERE: Starkillers – Silence (feat. Alicia Madison)

PREMIERE: Starkillers - Silence (feat. Alicia Madison) (www.ICanGiveYouHouse.com)

Starkillers’ electrifying new track makes a bold statement that’s set to spark a whole new wave of production on the artist’s brand new label.

“Silence”, or lack thereof, is a burst of empowerment. A jolt of high voltage synths and strong vocals. It’s classic, driving electro with a modern burst of progression. Alicia Madison yells out “I’m not a warrior but I’m stronger than your words […] Gotta keep moving forward, you’re gonna hear me when I call… when the silence breaks.” The strong message reinforces the amplified synths, creating a liberating track storming with energy.

The release is the first from Starkillers’ brand new label Brawla Records. Like the debut track, the label strives to be an independent voice within the culture. And they’re looking for new artists begging to be heard.

“Brawla is for me and it’s for you,” Starkillers notes, “it’s for every person who has fought for an opinion, or a right. Brawla really represents my life and the constant fight I have endured to stay relevant in the ever changing music industry. I want to fight, I want to Brawl. I’m not another DJ launching a label just because that’s what is expected now. I’m launching Brawla because I can’t expect anyone else in this world to fight for me as hard as I can for myself. If I help a few artists start their fights as well, then all the bigger the Brawla Club becomes.”

Check out the ICGYH exclusive premiere of “Silence” below and submit your demos to the label at info@brawlarecords.com (Soundcloud links or attachments only. No download links).”


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