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Phantoms – Phantoms EP


I caught wind of this release on The Nest today and I couldn’t be more excited. Enigmatic LA duo Phantoms have released their self-titled EP containing three chilling tracks. As expected, Phantoms brings yet another totally refreshing sound to the OWSLA camp. The two 23-year-old producers have brewed a nightmarish concoction of dark and deep tech-house grooves that will keep you’re insomniac spirit brooding until 5am.

Via The Nest:

Though the pair religiously avoids the limelight, their first official release, the Phantoms EP, offers a vivid elucidation of their nightmarish vision. Reminiscent of a sweaty rave in the basement of a haunted mansion somewhere in Romania, the unique sound masterfully matches supremely simple, yet intensely ominous chord progressions together with piercing tribal drums and raw techno synths to create an almost indiscernible insanity suitable for only the darkest of discotheques.

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