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Justin Timberlake – Suit & Tie (Julio Bashmore Remix)

suit & tie julio bashmore remix (ICanGiveYouHouse.com)


Julio Bashmore takes the funky new Justin Timberlake song “Suit and Tie” and remixes into a soulful bass tune… The result is groovy and sexy. Bashmore took the original and slowed down a bit, added deep bass beat, and threw in some old school sounding synths. The looping JT vocals “that love, that love” really get the smooth groove going.


If you took out the Jay-Z rapping part, the original song sounds a bit like something my grandparents listen to. It still has pop-radio-ready flair thanks to JT’s vocals. I think the original song really suits the classy beer commercial it is featured in- for Bud Light Platinum. It’s not often that a remix is better than the original, but I’m gonna go ahead and say Julio Bashmore gave this track the Soul Bass oomph that took it from the old people’s bedroom in the senior living center to a more youthful bedroom for sexier times 😉 The remix= much better.


Justin Timberlake – Suit & Tie (Julio Bashmore Remix)

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