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Mayhem & Antiserum – Bangladesh (Preview)

Mayhem & Antiserum - Bangladesh (Preview) (ICanGiveYouHouse.Com)

Mayhem & Antiserum throw a hard and exotic twist on their usual trap stylings with “Bangladesh”.

The clever and mysterious vocal sample loops over a traditional trap tempo before the bass double-times into a straight-up rave banger, siren and all. The most impressive part here is how smooth the transitions are between styles. It’s an incredibly impressive track that can be played as part of almost any set. ¬†After collaborating previously on several other tracks including “Let’s Go”, the two are quickly becoming a dominant trap duo. Expect them to keep the heat coming.

“Bangladesh” will be released in “just a few weeks” on Firepower Records. Until then, check out the two minute preview below.

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