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#ThrowbackThursdays Daft Punk – Digital Love (with Interstella 5555)

#ThrowbackThursday Daft Punk - Digital Love (with Interstella 5555)

We were thrilled to bring you the news earlier this week about Daft Punk’s upcoming album (throwback article here), so the time seems right to look back on one of their classics.

Over a decade ago, during the dawn of the new millenium, the French duo released “Digital Love” which spread across charts worldwide. The track samples George Duke’s “I Love You More” from 1979, and features lyrics written by Carlos Sosa (aka DJ Sneak). The soothing synths, hopeful lyrics, and talkbox vocals have the ability to effortlessly warm ones spirit. It’s as if the only piece missing was illustration, and that’s perhaps the most amazing part about Daft Punk – the scope of their vision.

Every track on their 2001 album Discovery, including “Digital Love”, was released with an animated clip in 2003. Each clip was one part of Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem, the duo’s self-produced, dialogue-free film illustrated by Toei Animation. And this colorful animation fits the future-pop album beautifully.

From Michael Hastings, “[The film] involves the plight of talented musicians from a neighboring galaxy who are brought to earth by an evil corporation. Stripped of their immense talents, they are turned into a band of emotionless, hit-churning automatons named The Crescendolls. As they play arena after arena in increasingly glitzy fashion, the plucky popsters fight to regain their identities to bring the world the sort of tunes they know they can deliver.”

It’s been a while, but given their history, we’re completely confident (need I say super excited?) that Daft Punk can once again bring the world some brilliant tunes with their upcoming release. Until then, enjoy some digital love!

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