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Avicii – Three Million (ft Negin)

3million (ICanGiveYouHouse.com)

Avicii hit 3 million fans on Facebook today, and to thank his fans, he’s giving this new track entitled “Three Million” away for free.

Let’s take a second and consider a world where Avicii‘s “Levels” didn’t exist… Let’s consider a world where mentioning Avicii didn’t conjure images of frat bros crushing beer cans on their heads and Ralph Lauren commercials. What would this world be like? Would you appreciate the build of this new dance track? Would you shamelessly jump at the drop? Avicii has become a mainstream act, and an EDM snob nightmare… but whatever, ignore that. Just ignore it. Imagine the the signature Avicii-esque plinkity-plink electronic sound with pleasant vocals from Negin and carefully composed piano chords produced by anyone else- can you try to appreciate this new release from Tim Berg?

Do you dare to enter that world? Can the house lovers out there ignore the Dillon Francis’-shitting-on-Levels, ignore every meme of some high school loser “raving” about “LERVERLS?”┬áLet it go and dance to this house music. It’s popular music because it appeals to the masses… let’s be real- 3 million on Facebook and counting is pretty impressive. You can maintain your love of underground dope electronic grooves and still be into new Avicii songs, I promise.

And I invite you to fall in love, join the millions of house music lovers out there and just let it happen. My message to you, dear EDM fan, is:

“I don’t wanna miss a thing. Your love is so amazing.”

Avicii ft Negin – Three Million

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