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#ThrowbackThursdays Diplo – Must Be a Devil

#ThrowbackThursdays Diplo - Must Be a Devil (ICanGiveYouHouse.Com)

This is less a throwback to a classic tune, and more a look at how Diplo’s style and influence has developed over the years while he continues to be different.

“Must Be a Devil” was released in July 2007 and went largely unnoticed. It followed his 2004 debut album Florida and preceded his masterfully produced M.I.A. breakthrough track “Paper Planes”.

“Must Be a Devil” is notable, however, in that it samples the 1989 alternative rock track “Hey” by the Pixies. Diplo electrifies and speeds up the original guitar-track into a a spicy, low-key dance number while retaining the select vocal cut “there must be a devil between us, hey!”.

Diplo’s style has changed, but the fact that he continues to innovate remains the same. Check out “Must Be a Devil” below (available on iTunes) and keep an eye out for his revolution February 19th as he and his crew Free The Universe.


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