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#ThrowbackThursdays Dogzilla – Without You

#ThrowbackThursday Dogzilla - Without You (ICanGiveYouHouse.Com)

There was a time when Paul van Dyk was DJ of the year. It happened back-to-back actually, in 2005 and 2006 via DJ Mag. During this time, the trance duo Dogzilla released their single “Without You” which Paul van Dyk named his track of the year.

The hallmark of the track is its overwhelming use of side chain compression. This effect is especially powerful in the chorus as the song transitions out of the more mellow moments. And while the lyrics are quite corny (“You are the only thing I need”), they’re filtered beautifully into the dreamy synths.

The popularity of “Without You” shouldn’t be surprising given the genre and year of release. It’s also one of those tracks that’s subtle enough to transition through the years, yet memorable enough to remind you of forgotten times.

The duo never reached this level of success again and splitĀ in 2008 after releasing just a few singles. However, “Without You” certainly left it’s mark on the aughties and has entrenched itself in history as one of the bigger songs of the genre. Download it from Beatport and listen below.

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