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Sander van Doorn – Joyenergizer (Video)


Sander van Doorn has crossed over to the Dirty Dutch darkside. Published via Spinnin’ Records with a fittingly atmospheric video, “Joyenergizer” is a killer.

Filthy with classic Dutch House minimalism, the track builds off old school drums and a modestly dark guitar riff that could easily have been part of a 90s alternative rock refrain. And while the combination of these sounds lend the track character, it’s the surprising simplicity that makes “Joyenergizer” so powerful.

The video acts as a perfect compliment and adds an appreciated layer of depth. There are some truly stunning shots in here starting with the first few frames, and it all sticks with the grimy, simple, and wicked vibes from the music.

Having said all this, “Joyenergizer” might sound like an ironic title choice, especially considering the “Joy”-part was added just recently. The name change seems to be paying homage to the 2001 release by Joy Kitikonti with the same title. Sander van Doorn certainly channeled elements of this track, but he has really made this his own monster.

The highly recommended video is below (along with the 2001 Joy Kitikonti release for comparison) and the track will make its official impact January 7th.

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