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Dosem – Intruders EP

Dosem is back with a brand new EP off the epic tech house label Suara, owned by tech genius and kitty man Coyu. Today, Dosem uses his swingy tech house style instead of his usual meldoic techno with the new Intruders EP. The release includes two originals. The first is “Intruders” and the second is “Star Safari”.

“Intruders” is a super tribal/techy jam constructed for those really epic vibrant moments during a DJ set. The track consists of a insanely swingin bassline with a very nice cinematic sound to top off the track. Also, he uses an ill vocal that makes you want to yell “woooo!”  In the background of the song under the swifty percussion and wet punchy claps, are very settle cricket-like noises bringing the song together. Every sound in this track is placed very complexly and structured to be different in the norm of tech. Pure genius lurks throughout this tribal bomb.

The next track on the EP, “Star Safari,” is an outstanding piece of work that will put the duck face on anyone as they’re bobbin their heads back and forth…. I know it did for me. This track has an original tech house, bassline but under Dosem’s techno influences. Along with the base is super nice rides, ripping percussion, and epic double kicks on the drops. In the mist of the song is trippy delays and an erie hollow sound that pushes the track closer and closer towards perfection. The effects and production on this track are one in a million and deserve some real attention. Dosem goes hard with this release and is only gonna go harder the next time around. The Spanish producer has really blown up in the past year and is making music and sounds people never even thought of hearing or making. Check out this brand new release on Beatport and get that duck face on.

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