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Candyland – Bring The Rain (ft. Lexi Forche)

Bring The Rain (ICanGiveYouHouse.com)


Candyland drops a huge electro house track/EP this week!

Candyland has built up quite the resume, busting out track after track of EDM gold. They are best known for they’re killer dubstep remixes, must notably their remix to Damien Marley and Skillrex’s Make it Bun Dem. But not only has Candyland put out quite a few raging dubsted hits, they have also dipped their wick into quite a few other genres of electric music. This week Candyland drops their EP with the title track entitled “Bring The Rain”. This song has some wonderful sampling, and some killer vocals. One thing that Candyland does well is making heart racing tracks like this one. The song is something more than just a simple 808 house beat, this is creativity and passion at its best.

You can pick up a copy of this track and the entire EP on Beatport. Enjoy!

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