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We don’t just give you house (and electro, bass, trance, bass, you name it)…

We love hearing from our fans, as well as labels, brands managers, promoters, and the like.

Are you a music producer or DJ? Awesome. We want to hear your work. PLEASE DON’T SEND BOOTLEGS. We don’t post them.

Send demos to:

Keep in mind: we get tons of submissions, so try to send us only your best stuff. If we’re feeling it, we’ll post it, and if we don’t post it, we probably did in fact get your email, and we probably weren’t in fact feeling it.

Sorry but let’s be honest, we’ve tried producing too, and we suck. And that’s why we run this blog instead :).


For any comments, or copyright inquiries, email us at


Email Andrew Silberstein of Boomrat at andrew /AT/ (make sure to put the @ where it belongs)