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Markantonio – Metric


What’s up my fellow techno fiends? Today, I’ve got a bangin new EP to show all of you. Markantonio has done it again with his deep underground, fast moving style of techno. Releasing off of his own label, Analytictrail, Metric has blown up the dance-floors and hit the techno charts hard. With an outstanding Alan Fitzpatrick remix included, this release all the techno someone could ask for in an EP.

The first track is called “Metric” and is a dark dub of a track. It includes a pounding base with some mind bending percussion. Along with the smooth flow of the track comes soft voices and quick melodic riffs that set the tone. “Metric” is a total banger and keeps the party goin’ with great strength. The Alan Fitzpatrick remix of “Metric” is a massive bomb that includes compact snares and hi-hats. In the back of song is an eerie swell that maintains the track’s feel and motivation for a build up. The base on this track is super powerful and packs a hard punch. This remix really tests sound systems and will blow your mind due to its meticulous production.

The final track on the EP is called “Di Rado” and is prime Markantonio. It is a monstrous & vibin track and defines Italian techno. “Di Radio” has massive build ups, banging drums, and a flat out gnarly bassline. This whole EP is straight techno and can’t get any better for Markantonio. This release will really bring some big attention to the two artists as well as the label, even though Markantonio and Alan Fitzpatrick are already two huge names in techno. You can check this release out, as well as other Markantonio jams, on Beatport today. Pick up a copy of Metric right now so you can bump dat techno!

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