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Bassjackers & Dyro – Grid

Bassjackers & Dyro - Grid (www.ICanGiveYouHouse.Com)

Clearly paying homage to “Tron”, Bassjackers & Dyro’s “Grid” is an 80s arcade banger with a modern twist.

The video game synths have a modern dirtiness to them, but you wouldn’t be blamed for wondering if the melody was taken from some long-lost arcade theme. Then, as if Bassjackers & Dyro inserted a couple coins, the song takes off. While maintaining melody, it drops into heavy breaks and sputtering synths. If anyone opened for Daft Punk in “TRON: Legacy”, it was almost certainly Bassjackers & Dyro. These two Dutch artists continue to make names for themselves in the digital frontier.

Keep checking in as we have an interview with Dyro coming soon. Until then, play “Grid” below and pick it up on Beatport!

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