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Justin Martin & Eats Everything – Feather Fight EP

Justin Martin & Eats Everything - Feather Fight EP - ICanGiveYouHouse.Com

The latest release from the Hypercolour label comes from a pair of the dirtiest birds around, Justin Martin & Eats Everything. The Feather Fight EP is the result of an intense weeklong session between the two artists, combining Bristol bass and booty house of the Bay in an effort to take listeners on a journey in the span of two songs. Get ready: it’s going to be a booty-bumpy ride.

The first song, “Feather Fight,” sets the tone immediately with a jackin’ house rhythm accompanied by a steady build that gets progressively higher in pitch. Think of the highest roller-coaster you’ve ever been on, and how the urgency to get to the top grew the higher you went. This musical climb goes all the way into space, climaxing and giving pause to whatever’s about to go down. It’s all Rainbow Road from there, as the song dives into smooth synths, twisting and turning with pitched vocal samples layered over a mischievous bass-line.

Where “Feather Fight” leaves off, “Harpy” picks up in smooth ambiance, though it feels more Haunted Mansion than Rainbow Road. Soft but slightly sinister, the beat stays minimal save for sensual vocals singing “time to let go…” And with the sound of a foghorn, this song lets forth some serious bass, building ever so slightly at parts before plummeting yet again into the abyss.

Worry not, friends: it’s likely this won’t be the last we hear of them. Looking forward to what these guys have in store for us. Catch the long previews below. If you like what you hear, you can buy the EP on Beatport.

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