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Jacob van Hage & Oliver Heldens – Thumper

Jacob Van Hage & Oliver Heldens - Thumper (ICanGiveYouHouse.Com)

Rotterdam Dutchmen Jacob Van Hage and Oliver Heldens are bringing the raucous with their new electro house single “Thumper”.

It was only two months ago that Jacob Van Hage and Yves V released “Amok” – an absolutely killer with an intensity level matched by few. “Thumper”, however, has reached this level. Jacob Van Hage has struck again. While still very much electro house, “Thumper” has the ability to appeal to a larger audience with its melodic and aspiring synths. This of course, precedes the drop which is hard, minimal, and filthy. Despite the album art implying otherwise, “Thumper” is pretty much the exact opposite of cute and cuddly.

Check it out below and pick it up on Beatport. Just be prepared to rage.

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