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Pele & Shawnecy – Comin At Ya


Raschal here, comin at ya with a bomb new track called “Comin At Ya.” Pele & Shawnecy have been working together for years and releasing tracks off labels like Get Physical, Cecille Numbers, and Upon You Records. Today, I bring you one out of four tracks off Pele & Shawnecy’s new EP off Monika Kruse’s label, Terminal M.

“Comin At Ya” is a 2013 tech house version of House of Pain’s epic hit, “Jump Around.” Pele & Shawnecy have created a bouncy bassline with some kickin percussion under the fresh “Jump Around” influences in the track. They also added in their own vocal sample of a guy talking throughout and mentioning Pele & Shawnecy’s names. This vocal mixed with the tech house and the original jam gives this track that super ghetto vibe and will really get the party started.

This track is a major groover and will bring back the good old days. You can check this epic production out as well as the others on the release at Beatport today. “Comin At Ya” is bound to make you jump around!


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