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German Brigante – Look It’s Me


Look, it’s a brand new tech house release for you to party to! German Brigante settles in with his fresh new release, Look It’s Me, off of Mihalis Safras’s epic label Material. Included on this funky EP are 5 different tracks. All of them are slow jammers but have super quirky elements to them. One out of the five is actually an electronic track that includes a melodic swell mixed with some trippy organic noises. This track is called “In.” The other tracks on the EP are entitled “Syndrome James,” “Tombo,” Whats Up,” and “Look It’s Me.” “Syndrome James” and “Tombo” are two stripped down tracks that have wild noises and vibe creating voices. The amount of fresh sounds used in each track is incredible and each sound sets a different vibe.

“Whats Up” is a production that was worked on with time, patience, and true talent. The analog sounds as well as the sneaky effects really put this track together. Along with a guy talking throughout the track comes in fun snyths and flashy noises. The style of this track is ghetto & smooth and will get any party groovin all together. This track is bound to hit some festivals and expose the name of German Brigante.

The last track on the release was named after the EP title.  “Look It’s Me” is an erie groover that has super underground influences and crisp claps. The tinkering sounds in the back keep the beat going and help maintain a funky environment. Overall, the whole EP is down right juicy and will bring a lot of attention. You can check this EP out, as well as other Brigante releases, at Beatport today. Pick this stuff up and then throw it back down at a party. Stay fresh er’body!

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