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Review: Borgore, Kennedy Jones, and Ookay at The Avalon

Andrew Silberstein
Borgore at Avalon Hollywood

Borgore at Avalon Hollywood

For Dubstep fans across Southern California, LA was the place to be last Friday for Control LA’s weekly get-together at the Avalon.  Showcasing top-talent from his renowned label Buygore, Israeli producer Borgore made his debut at Hollywood’s iconic Avalon.  The club filled quickly as opening act Kennedy Jones dropped popular trap remixes from the likes of Flosstradamus, UZ, and 12th Planet.  Mr. Jones made sure his ‘Suavamente’ remix, which has a cult following on Soundcloud, Beatport, and other music sources on the net, prepared the crowd for the ‘bad boy of bass’ Borgore.  He did a great job keeping the crowd up and ready for the long, loud night ahead of them.

As he made the announcement that Borgore was coming on next, the crowd rushed to the front of the stage, preparing themselves for the massive amounts of bass, cake, and booty that would ensue over the next hour.  Borgore’s set lived up to the high expectations his Twitter feed set for him; including visuals of naked girls licking cake off each other, to squirting each other with lube.

Borgore at Avalon Hollywood

Although the club’s sound was not as great as it normally is, the crowd went buck as Borgore dropped popular remixes from Revolvr, Kill the Noise, Delta Heavy, and even a Wiz Khalifa dub mix we’re dying to get our hands on.  He finished his night playing popular tunes from his latest EP (#TURNUP), and classics such as “Nympho” (crowd favorite) and “Decisions” with Miley Cyrus.  As he was finishing up, even dubstep poster child Skrillex joined in on the fun, sparking a riot among the primarily teenage crowd.  Borgore failed to disappoint, but we felt the surprise of the night was from Ookay, a newcomer on the Buygore label.

Ookay ushered in new energy, playing trap remixes such as “Booty Bounce,” and an Afrojack cut we were unable to identify.  Overall, from top to bottom, this is one of the top bass shows I’ve attended at the Avalon.

Special shout out to Infamous PR.

Photo Credit: OHDAGYO

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