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Solarstone & Clare Stagg – Jewel (Daniel Kandi Emotive Mix)

Daniel Kandi (ICanGiveYouHouse.com)

Jewel,” released on Black Hole Recordings, sounds a bit old-school, but in a good way. Black Hole Recordings was founded by Tiesto back in 1997, and while Tiesto is no longer affiliated with the label, the “In Search Of Sunrise” roots still really shine through it’s releases. MMMM warm musical sunshine on my face…

Solarstone and Clare Stagg have worked together before. In 2012, Stagg provided the vocals for a trance track of the year entitled “The Spell.” FYI- that song legitimately casts a massive Wingardium Leviosa on its listeners (check it here).

They’ve done it again with “Jewel.” The Emotive Mix by Daniel Kandi brings an insanely epic big room spin to the original, while keeping it sincere to the original track. It’s basically the same song, with a bit faster beat and a harder pulsing bass (sexy, right?). The result is nothing short of epic. Press play, close your eyes, and lean back. Is your chair off the floor? Mine is. The ethereal vocals from Clare Stagg singing ever-so-dreamy lyrics over pulsing Solarstone beat, chords, and synths will take you to where only NASA astronauts have been before… oh yes, I’m talking about the definitive out-of-this-world trance sound. This is what brings a smile to a trance fan’s face- anyone who listens to A State of Trance will recognize this song (as it was featured in ASOT 598). If you’re not into ASOT but love trance, surely you know the feeling this song evokes- you just want to dance and throw all your cares out the window. Happy Friday!


Find “Jewel” by Solarstone on Beatport, and check back on Feb 11th when the Daniel Kandi mix is available for download.


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