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Switchbox – Pirates Poetry


Ellum is back with a brand new funky fresh, space influenced EP. The title of the release is called Pirates Poetry and consists of 4 juicy tunes. The first track is by the German duo Switchbox and is called “Pirates Poetry feat. NAtz.”

This first track has some major space influences and is out of this world funky. From the carefully timed synths to the eerie woman’s voice, “Pirates Poetry” really packs a punch and contains nice solid flow. The low-ends on this track are grimy as hell and will make any crowd say “WOW!” Next to the outstanding original track are two amazing remixes of it. One remix is by Jupiter Jazz and the other, Random Factor. The Jupiter Jazz remix has a warped bass-line and a nice acoustic sound. The woman’s voice is sampled nicely which compliments the trippy effects and crisp claps on this jam. The Random Factor remix has a very different feel to it. It rests more on the Indie / Nu Disco side but maintains very minimal elements to keep the Ellum style of spacey house music.

The 4th track on the EP is a Switchbox remix of dreamAwaken. It has a very similar style to the other Switchbox tracks on this release, however it is more settle and stripped down. While Pirates Poetry has out of no where sounds and a woman talking, “8 Bit In A Bit” is a little faster jam that keeps the house flow. With tinkering sounds in the back, sneaky synth riffs, and super psychedelic influences, this production is basically the perfect track. This whole release is one to enjoy and you should definitely go check this stuff out. You can preview it as well as buy it on Beatport today. House baby HOUSE!!!

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