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Technasia – Bastille Days


What’s gooood everybody?! I hope everyone’s holidays and breaks went frickin’ awesome and that the parties never stopped. Today, I come to you with a single track off a 3 track EP. This production is entitled “Bastille Days” and is by the French 127 bpm master, Technasia.

“Bastille Days” is named after the entire release name which has two other tracks, one of them being a dub of the master track called “Bastille Dub.” It was released off of Josh Wink’s widely known label, Ovum Recordings, not too long ago and still remains near the top of the charts. Played by DJs all over the world, “Bastille Days” consists of a very punchy bass and super cheeky percussion. The style of the percussion on the half-notes are simply superb and nail the want for perfect sound. Along with rolling hi-hats and tricky snares, Technasia brings in a techno/progressive synth riff that is made for peak time. This was one of the best tracks of 2012 for sure and still remains high up in the charts. Technasia really set the standard with this one so go check it out on Beatport today. Tech on!

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