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Carnage & Borgore – Incredible (Preview)

Carnage & Borgore - Incredible (Preview) (ICanGiveYouHouse.Com)

“This isnt… ‘Trap’ … this isn’t ‘dubstep’ this isnt a combination of both genres combined… this is HOUSE MUSIC. [sic]”

DJ Carnage isn’t shy about sharing his feelings for his new banger “Incredible”, made in collaboration with Borgore, and for good reason. This track is a gem. In a time where EDM has become largely based around a big drop, “Incredible” breaks down into a minimalist, sultry dance number with an exotic vibe. And it carries some significant swagger.

Electronic music has branched out drastically into many sub genres over the last few years, but the allure of house music persists, and “Incredible” utilizes this to full effect. Check it out below and pick up the full mix February 4th.



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