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“Cthulhu” Released by XFER Records. Game Changer?


It’s not everyday that the methods of creating dance music are revolutionized. It happened when Native Instruments released the ever popular synth MASSIVE,¬†when Ableton included its “warp feature” into Live 8, and when XFER Records¬†released LFO Tool. On January 4th, 2013, production methods were revolutionized again when¬†Steve Duda released the game-changing VST-plugin called¬†Cthulhu. For those who do not know, a VST-Plugin is a third party application that allows artists to expand the capabilities of their Digital Audio Workstation, or DAW for short (which basically stands for music making program like Ableton Live, Logic , Pro Tools, etc.). This particular plugin is a two part saw wave melody making synthesizer that includes an arpeggiator and a chord creator.

The chord creator in this plugin basically allows the user to play chords with the touch of a button. Duda included a ridiculously awesome preset pack, which includes a giant suite of chords from J.S. Bach compositions, other well known classical tunes like the famous Ave Maria.

The arpeggiator makes it so that the chords from the chord creator are played out in its individual notes, making your synth chords sound similar to a guitar solo.

This plugin can also be routed into any other midi synthesizers the producer desires. So producers can get Cthulhu to play its amazing melodies and chords and route the sound through their favorite synthesizer where the artist can edit and design the sound coming out of it even further.

Basically, this instrument makes it ridiculously easy to make any sort of melody or arpeggiation. Essentially, it can be looked at as the “Sync button” for making melodies, in that the producers who have been writing melodies the old school way all along will complain about how easy it is to create good strong melodies with it–just like DJ’s who complain about how much easier it is to spin a live set with a sync button upon the elimination of beat matching.

Deadmau5, Steve Duda’s homie,¬†has been using the beta of this plugin for years. That leads many to ask, has deadmau5 been trolling us this whole time making us think he can actually write melodies? The answer is yes and no. While deadmau5 had to do barely anything to write melodies and chord progressions, he does fully design the sounds used, makes sure they fit the audio spectrum, and professionally mixes and masters the whole thing himself which is actually a very difficult process-a far more difficult process than average EDM fans understand. Also to his credit, the melody from one of deadmau5’s most famous tunes made with Kaskade¬†called¬†“I Remember” was taken from a song on his 2006 release Get Scraped¬†called “I Forget“, so it’s not like deadmau5 has always used Cthulhu to come up with melodies for his productions.

With the release of Cthulhu that makes it far easier to produce as well as other factors like the upcoming release of Ableton Live 9, it is safe to say that EDM is going to experience an overhaul of increase in quality. 2013 is already shaping up to be a huge year with the changes in software as well as all the new talent coming out. We can’t wait to hear what the world’s producers old and new will come up with this year.

Here is the official Cthulhu demonstration video featuring Steve Duda himself and David Alexander from Icon Collective in Los Angeles.

Get it today from XFER Records for only $39 at http://www.xferrecords.com/products/cthulhu.

Find out more about Icon Collective at http://www.learn2produce.com.


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