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Reset Robot – Snow Leap


Reset Robot is here with a fresh new EP! David Robertson (a.k.a. Reset Robot) represents true techno talent from the UK. His warm, bouncy rhythms mop the floor and compile some of the cleanest sets in the scene. Today, I bring you a release of his off of 2000 and One’s epic label, Intacto. The EP is entitled Snow Leap and includes two groovy jams.

The first track is called “Snow Leap,” named after the release. It is a space trip of a track and includes a massive surrounding bass that sets the vibe. On top of the bass comes an alieny synth riff that gives it a super dark house feel to it. Once Reset breaks it down with some reverb effects, there is no stopping the urge to dance your life away. This is a juicy techno tune that really sets the standard for Reset Robot and his work. The best part is that it only gets better with the next track.

The second production on the Snow Leap EP is called “Moosel.” Moosel is a fun tech house track that has trippy effects and erie voices. Under the crazy funky baseline comes smooth rides and shaking percussion. The voices and elements in this track are truly amazing and really make it super creative. You have to check this jam out for yourself. In fact, check out the whole EP on Beatport today. It’s time to “reset” the sound of house.


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