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Fehrplay-I Can’t Stop It

I Can't Stop It (ICanGiveYouHouse.com)

Jonas Fehr AKA Fehrplay releases a big time banger entitled “I Can’t Stop It“!!!

Jonas Fehr, a Norwegian born DJ and house producer, currently resides in London and  has been making quite the name for him self recently. He has appeared on BBC radio 1 and has payed along side the likes of some big names like Avicii and Eric Prydz. Just this past year at the age of 24 he signed with Eric Prydz’s label Pryda Friends in hopes of elevating his career to new heights, and my lord has he delivered. He comes in yesterday and drops a huge house track on us that makes me wanna keep a close eye on this young star. The song itself is fantastic, one of those tracks you hear and it just makes you smile and say “ah yeah!”. This will keep your ipod on repeat for quite sometime, and If this track was the only thing this artist ever puts out I would still love him. Great work Fehrplay! Can’t wait to hear what else you’ve got up your sleeve.

Preview the track below and pick up your own copy on Beatport!

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