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(Kill Paris Remix) Anita Ward-Ring My Bell

Ring My Bell (ICanGiveYouHouse.com)

Kill Paris drops a great remix today of Anita Ward’s “Ring My Bell“!

Kill Paris has been rocking it out this year! He has played in some of the biggest venues in the country and has really made a great name for himself in the EDM community. He flies in today with a great remix of Ring My Bell that further solidifies why this guy is becoming such a house hold name in the world of Electronic music. This song is hardy hitting edgy goodness from the get go! A great track to hear live and one that really gets the blood pumping. Remix’s like this further prove that Kill Paris is not above any genre of music. He can rock the floor one day with a killer house track, and then put out something real funky and gritty like this. Flexing his musical mussels for sure. Nice work!

You can grab the song download in the link below. Be sure to support the Artist on his Facebook Page. Enjoy!

Anita Baker-Ring My Bell (Kill Paris Remix)(ICanGiveYouHouse)

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