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Alden Tyrell & Serge – House Countdown


Real house is here!! Funky thumpin and fast tech house lands into Beatport with a new release off Clone Jack For Daze Serie. House masters Alden Tyrell and Serge team up to release their fresh new EP together. The EP is entitled House Countdown and contains 3 epic tunes.

The first two tracks are different edits of the same track which are both entitled “House Countdown“, named after the EP. The first edit includes a crazy guitar riff and jackin’ percussion. Under the fat kick is a chopped up sample of man’s voice, which truly adds to the house feel. The second edit includes a similar guitar riff, just in a different tone. Along with the new shift is a groovy electric piano keeping the beat rolling. These two edits set the standard in the Chicago house scene and will get any crowd to bring back the fist pump.

Speaking of pump, the third and final track on the release is entitled “Pump-O-Matic” and has a little more upbeat vibe to it. Along with an old-school synth riff comes clangin’ percussion and radical hi-hats. This production took some work and definitely gets put to good use on those dance-floors. Check out this whole release on Beatport today. Long live house!


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