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SirensCeol – You and I (Original Mix Featuring Stephey)

SirenCeol (ICanGiveHouse.com)

SirensCeol continues to blow my mind, and he just dropped a huge track entitled “You and I“!!!!

SirensCeol is one hell of a dubstep artist, he has been releasing tracks like crazy these last few months, and each one is better and better than the previous. His latest upload You and I is one of his best yet! SirensCeol makes beautiful music, there is just no other way to put it. His tracks are sweet ear candy, you really can’t get enough even after just one listen. I consistently find myself putting his tracks on repeat for a whole hour. This latest installment is just as delicate and lovely in the beginning of the song as ever, a style that this artist has really taken as his own. But just like any work of dubstep there most be a drop and SirensCeol does not disappoint in his breakdown. These kind of drops are so refreshing to the ears, he is using samples that you never hear in any other kind of dubstep, which is why SirenCeol is such a great artist. He is consistently creating amazing ALL ORIGINAL TRACKS! I have high hopes for our man SirensCeol. He will be quite a major player in the dubsted community if he keeps putting out such great music. Excellent work! 

You can grab the download below here at ICanGiveYouHouse.com. Please help out the artist and support him on his Facebook. Enjoy!


You and I (Original Mix Featuring Stephey) ICanGiveYouHouse

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