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Living 4 The City (Plastik Funk Remix) ICanGiveYouHouse.com

Plastik Funk adds a little of his own flavor to Living 4 The City” in this great progressive house remix!

R3HAB and Shemanology consistently pump out some great jams and Living 4 The City was no exception. But throw in a remix by Plastik Funk and you have one hell of a quality track on your hands. The song itself is one of those remixes that perfectly blends parts of both the original and remixed tracks, a style that will keep you hooked on familiarity, and in love with hearing the song in a new form. This track is also a little gritty. It pulsates with that great big club style drum repetition that keeps your hands in the air. This will be sure to please anyone who loves a good house beat, as well as anyone who is into tasteful Remixes. An excellent job Plastik Funk!

You can stream the track here on ICanGiveYouHouse.com, and pick up a copy yourself on Beatport. Make sure to support the artist their Facebook. Enjoy!!!

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