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Amba Shepherd – Soldier (Paris Blohm Remix)


Here is the latest remix from up and coming progressive house producer Paris Blohm. Paris Blohm is a producer out of Los Angeles, formerly known as “Parisyte“, who has been breaking into the progressive house seen as of late.

This particular track features Amba Shepherd‘s gorgeous vocals from her track “Soldier”, that sit on top of a clean bouncy kick drum, bright and powerful synths, a clappy snare, and other funky rhythmic elements hidden deeper in the mix. The track is very flowy, with 2 major breakdowns and 2 very prog-house style high end synth drops. Sonically, this track sounds very similar to what guys like Avicii have been producing lately. We’re very exited to hear more from Paris in 2013.

Check out the track here:


Follow him on Twitter https://twitter.com/parisblohm

“Like” him on Facebook www.facebook.com/parisblohmofficial

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