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Youri Donatz & Bjorn Wolf feat. Mike Dunn – Iz Diz Houz?


Happy New Year everybody! I hope everyone’s holidays went swell and much techno was listened to at parties. Today I’ve got a track that will start off the new year right. This is a single track off an EP with 3 other releases, however this one caught my attention the most. It is by artists Youri Donatz & Bjorn Wolf ft. Mike Dunn. off the epic tech house label Bouq, run by Butch & Amir. The track is entitled “Iz Diz Houz? and I can definitely say that yeah, this is house. It consists of Mike Dunn throwin it back to some old-school DJ’s along with an extended bassline. This extension really makes up the track and copes well with the snappy claps. This track is a super vintage jam and will get any party poppin. It is an interesting production piece because instead of recognizing and using every beat and kick, the style of the bass makes it so there almost is no kick, just a rollin bassline.  This production is absolutely superb and super ghetto tech house.  Go pick it up today on Beatport and then drop it off at a party.  Peace out and Happy New Year again.  The techno will be clean in 2013!

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