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Feed Me – Death By Robot EP (Preview)

I’m always delighted to be greeted by new music from the devilishly-grinning monster known as Feed Me. As we close the book on 2012 Jon Gooch wanted to share some snippets of his Death By Robot EP which is due out in January on Mau5trap.

Death By Robot is  comprised of three tracks, the self-titled single and two B-side records entitled ‘Dialup Days’ and ‘Gravel’, both of which were featured in Feed Me’s incredible Essential Mix, which we’ve shared below in addition to the track previews. The EP has got a lot to offer.

‘Death By Robot’ is strong, well-developed electro house single with all the Feed Me production trimmings. Thick, flourishing leads and buzzing talk-box lyrics are just some of the amazing pieces that make up this gritty dance-floor heater. ‘Dialup Days’ is definitely a different kind of track for Feed Me. It sounds similar to a Mr. Oizo production and its minimalist nature helps you to really take on and digest each of Jon’s amazing sounds. ‘Gravel’ gets back into Feed Me’s darker bass groove with a similar soundscape and progression to one of his previous releases, ‘Cott’s Face’. Overall Death By Robot appears to be a strong representative of what we’ve come to expect from Feed Me. The EP has got a wealth of diverse and intelligent writing and sound design so I’m eagerly anticipating the full release to see what  each track is all about.

Make sure to get tickets to Feed Me’s 2013 ‘With Teeth’ US Tour here. I went to his show in DC last year, and it was easily my favorite performance of the year.

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