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The world of Dubstep music seems to be over run with Artists recycling the same formula for their work. 4/4 back beat, smooth vocals, and monophonic texture all building up t0 a fantastically gritty drop. Wash rinse and repeat. Similar to the world of abstract art, just because a Dubstep track turns from a pretty melody into growling mess doesn’t make it a good piece of music.

But then you have artists like SirensCeol. Artists who make you remember why Dubstep is such a great genre of music. His Track “Gemini” has this beautiful elegance about it. From beginning to end this song is positive. He successfully keeps the track sounding fresh and interesting the entire time, which is very difficult to pull off, especially for a Dubstep track. This song is a fantastic treat from Mr Stephen Burke, you can grab the track here. Support him on his Facebook, can’t wait to hear more.


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