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Days Off – Comets (Dosem Remix)

Throwback Thursday is here coming at you with a sick track that will blow up them holiday parties.  Today, I bring you a remix that was released almost exactly a year ago off melodic techno label Soundfate.  Label owner, Dosem, remixed a track a year ago by an artist named Days Off.  The track is called “Comets” and consists of beautiful melodies and a swingin bassline.  It is a mixture of tech house, techno, and progressive house.

Dosem really worked up this track into something unique and blissful.  Along with Dosem’s talent for progressive melodies, he adds in very vibrant sounds as well as a floor moving bassline.  It moves in all different directions and lets you explore the world of progressive techno through one track.  Dosem has an amazing ear for creating new epic sounds that draw people’s attention like no other. From his releases off Tronic to Break New Soil, Dosem has stayed true to his sound and really made a name for himself in the past two years.

This remix of Days Off is a true bomb that is perfect for peak time moments and intimate realizations.  Check out this track today on Beatport and buy it so you can feel the vibes.  Also while your on Beatport, check out and support Dosem’s tracks. Don’t be afraid to do a little research as well on the Spaniard that is on the road to becoming one of the greatest producers of EDM.  Techno on everyone and happy holidays!

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