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Maceo Plex – Space Junk EP

Greetings house lovers! I’ve got a brand new EP for you today by one of the biggest house stars in the game today. Eric Estornel has worked long and hard for the past couple years making a name for his more recent alias, Maceo Plex. Before the new, magical style of house was brought upon by Maceo, he was known as the dark space alien of techno, Maetrik. Now, Maceo changed up his style into vibin’ house and has crushed the charts with his productions. He uses very old school funk and inspiring vocals to make his tracks bomb. Maceo works endlessly in his studio creating trippy sounds and outrageous basslines that people absolutely crave. To get himself more into his productions, he samples himself singing fun and strange lyrics. This mixture of music has lead him to becoming one of the most influential producers out there and eanred him the number 4 spot in RA’s top 100 DJ’s of 2012. Today, I bring you his fresh new two track release off of his own label, Ellum Audio, called the Space Junk EP.

The first track is entitled “Filthy Mama.” This track consists of deep compressed synthesizers that work your ears hard and create a massive urge to dance.  During the breakdown, Maceo adds in one of the trippiest sounds I have ever heard.  It is a wacky compilation of upward spiraling sounds that boggles the mind.  Behind the bassline and bouncy effects, Maceo drops in a nice clanking wood sound along with himself singing, “Show me love!”  This track is an absolute bomb and will definitely be seen at the top of a chart in no time.

The next track is entitled “Stimulation.” This track is a little more melodic, but still maintains a very deep and dark feeling.  Maceo is a master at bringing light and dark together into creating a beautiful house sound that defines his goal for music.  This track has vibrant snyths along with a crisp staticy voice speaking under the track.  It almost sounds as if an alien is trying to contact us through Maceo’s track.  There is also high pitched erie sounds and super punchy claps to add to the groove.  This release is one big package of fun and groove.  Go support Maceo and his music today.  Also, check out this new monster release off Ellum Audio on Beatport.  Stay fresh and long live house!


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