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Siwell – Hangover / Reshuffle

Whats good everybody?! Raschal here comin’ at ya with yet another bomb tech house EP.  Today’s techno dose is the new Siwell release off of Umek’s huge label 1605 Music Therapy.  The release includes two original tracks entitled “Hangover” and “Reshuffle”.

“Hangover” is an extraordinary tech house bomb built for peak-time in techno sets. The swing in this track sends the sounds in all different directions, while at the same time brings all the sounds together in a nice warm package of groove. Siwell executed his techy style for this track with great care as well as used a movin vocal of a man singin, “Come on now.” Every sound and piece of percussion in this track is perfectly placed and really brings a lot of attention to Siwell as well as 1605.

The next track, “Reshuffle,” is a melodic house song with poppin bass and a beautiful vocal cut. It consists of little witty sounds and a very nice punch to make the track sound groovy. Siwell really knows how to roll the song as well as get his fans moving. He definitely approached this track with thought and although the style is pure Siwell, he still stays true the the 1605 sound.

About a year or two ago, Umek’s legendary label was releasing very dark and underground techno. He signed artists such as Phunk Investigation and Steve Parker, who really know how to get down with the darker side of 1605 techno. Just recently however, Umek took a different approach to the label’s style of music.  Instead of dark dance music, the label shifted towards the tribal/tech house side of EDM.  Although 1605 is now very techy, they still release bomb techno tracks with super disco vibes. This most recent release is a mixture of all of it and really hits its peak. Check out this incredible EP on Beatport today. Stay fresh y’all!

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