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Bisbetic – 4AM

This relatively new Italian duo says they’re known for their crazy energy and basslines, and “4AM” certainly attests to that.

Comprised of Alfio Bonanno & Riccardo Puglisi, Bisbetic is well positioned to make their presence felt on an increasing number of dancefloors worldwide. Their newest single is an exotic-sounding anthem that lets the saw-bass wreak havoc on the drop, breaking perfectly to allow for some dirty dancing.

This banger is sure to be the second, third, or whatever wind of your night, carrying you well into the wee hours of the morning. Who needs Red Bull when we can all have some Bisbetic? (For those wondering, Bisbetic says their name comes from “a search for strange and unusual sounds.”)

Buy “4am” on Beatport now and/or try a sample via YouTube below (not recommended for those having to work in the morning).

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