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Kavinsky – ProtoVision (Original Mix/Music Video)

Vincent Belorgay’s alter-ego Kavinsky is reborn in ‘ProtoVision’! Although his debut album Outrun is still in production (slated for an early 2013 release), this ‘Portovision’ is more than enough to tide us over. Kavinsky’s dark vintage sound is instantly recognizable. Buzzing, distorted basslines surge beneath a soaring guitar riff and heavy, swollen drums as you are transported to Belorgay’s world of dangerous streets and fast cars.

As icing on the cake, the music video accompanying ‘Protovision’ was just uploaded. Directed by Marcus Herring, the video brilliantly captures the exploitation cinema aesthetic of the Testarossa-driving zombie as he evades capture by the police.

Check out the full track and music video below and make sure to purchase ‘ProtoVision’ on iTunes.

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