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Jewelz & Scott Sparks – Flashbang

Following up their highly-praised debut ‘Toxic Rush’, the German duo Jewelz and Scott Sparks are back today with the concussion-inducing ‘Flashbang’.

My first reaction to the track was that it shared a lot in common with its predecessor. This isn’t a bad thing per se because these records are absolutely decimating for big room sets. However, due to the minimalist nature of the production, there are fewer ways to differentiate them, which over time may (keyword: may) diminish the overall effect.

No reason to harp though, it’s only their second release as a duo so I’m willing to chock this one up to Jewelz & Scott Sparks giving the fans what they want. And ‘Flashbang’ really does give us what we want – no bulls***. The low-end arrangement is astonishing with its deep yet minimal character that will slap you silly. Enjoy a clip of ‘Flashbang’ below and pick up the full release on Beatport

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