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Heartik – Full Throttle (Sebastien Leger Remix)

Who’s in the mood for some flowin, bouncy, funky ass tech house? I know all of you are, so today I bring you an insanely epic track with an irresistible bassline and a boatload of character.

Not too long ago, Italian star Heartik released a poppin EP off of Sebastien Leger’s legendary label Mistakes Music. The EP consists of three tracks, one of which is a remix by the French label owner Sebastien Leger. The remix of “Full Throttle” includes super bouncy percussion and a ridiculously funky bassline that sounds more than clean. Sebastien’s use of horns and crazy delay really put the track together. Leger’s style of originals and remixes is truly one of a kind and is bound to get a crowd groovin like never before. When an already superb track is given to Leger to remix, he takes full advantage of what he has and makes it even more epic with his witty style of production. This track is truly a bomb, just like the rest of Leger’s tracks.

If you’ve been looking to groove for a while and haven’t quite found the right song yet, here it is. Sebastien Leger serves it hard with this remix, which has the potential to start any party. Check out Sebastien’s material as well as his dashing remix of Heartik on Beatport today. Techno on everybody. Techno on.

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