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Alex Metric – Rave Weapon Aeroplane “Droid” Remix

This past Monday saw the release of Ammunition Pt. 2, the new EP from Alex Metric. The album is pretty much flawless containing three original tracks – ‘Prophecies’ (which we previewed last November), the soaring ‘Motion Study’ featuring Oliver, and the widely-rinsed ‘Rave Weapon’.

Ammunition Pt. 2 also came fully-loaded with three remixes of ‘Rave Weapon’ by ƱZ, Mark Staar, and Aeroplane. While the entire EP is definitely worth listening to, it was Aeroplane’s remix that I kept coming back to. It’s got a fantastic nu-disco feel with subtle dark accents that make it irresistible.

Alex Metric – Rave Weapon Aeroplane “Droid” Remix | Beatport

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