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Yves V, Loopers & Jacob van Hage – Amok (Preview)

This is riot music.

Produced by Yves VLoopers & Jacob van Hage“Amok” builds with tense, dark tones that lead into a devastating, monster bass drop. And man is it dirty. The amount of energy in this track is so massive, the introductory melody actually starts sounding more like a warning siren for the impending drop than anything.

I’m not sure what Yves V’s legal representation is, but this track could instigate some serious riots when it’s unleashed on December 17th which, perhaps not so coincidentally, is just in time for the end of the world.

While you await “Amok’s” release, be sure to check out Yves V’s other banger “Wow”, produced with Felguk and available on Beatport. It’s much more uplifting but still deliciously dirty.

Assuming the world survives “Amok”, 2013 should be huge for Belgian DJ Yves V. You’ve been warned.


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