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SoKool & Kollektiv KlangGut – Little Bird (Original Mix)

The newly released ‘Little Bird‘ from SoKool & Kollektiv KlangGut is a breath of fresh air for any dance music fan in need of a slight respite from the barrage of bangers that are consistently put out on Beatport. It’s not everyday that you hear a track as deep and soothing as this, and it’s indicative that there may be an emerging sound in dance music that emphasizes the more emotional aspect of the genre rather than simply something that people can dance to.

‘Little Bird’ starts off sounding more like an ambient indie piece than a Deep House track. Awash with acoustic guitars and atmospherically distant melodies, the intro sets the mood for something most EDM die-hards may not be accustomed to listening to. Once the soft yet boomy bass drum kicks in, and the smooth percussive elements seep their way into the mix, the track becomes an incredibly delicate and visceral piece that would make any listener sit back and feel the emotions etched into the music. The vocalist’s heartfelt lyrics are definitely a highlight to the track as well.

Make sure to check out the full track preview below, and purchase ‘Little Bird’ on Beatport if you feel like what you hear!

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