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Pryda – Recomondos / Bergen EP

Eric Prydz is back with another incredibly deep EP entitled ‘Recomendos / Bergen’. Released under his alias Pryda, the EP contains a considerably scant two tracks. Fans shouldn’t be discouraged though, as ‘Recomendos‘ and ‘Bergen‘ both surpass the 6 minute mark, with ‘Bergen’ clocking in at a whopping 9 minutes! The master of Big Room and Progressive House is again proving his artistic integrity with this release, and fans will undoubtedly be satisfied with the continued maintenance and increasing complexity of the classic Pryda sound.

‘Recomondos’ opens with an incredibly elegant blend of new wave 80s-esque synth sounds, followed by the steadily galloping drum pattern that only Prydz can pull off to such perfection. The lack of a distinguishable hook in this track is partially what makes Eric Prydz so respectable, as it would be so easy for him to make a club hit that everyone would love. Instead of catering to the masses, he opted to follow his artistic inclinations and stick to what he thought sounded best for the track. ‘Bergen’ follows the same key signature as ‘Recomondos’, and does so in a seamlessly beautiful way. Sounding somewhat tribal and tropical in parts of the beat, ‘Bergen’ provides a funky and rimshot-heavy close to such a terribly short EP. Hats off to Eric Prydz for sticking to his guns with each release, and we hope he continues to do so for years to come!

Make sure to support Pryda by purchasing the EP on Beatport after listening to the previews below!

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