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Tomas Barfod – November Skies EP

Shaking marimbas and gentle 80s synthesizers lay the foundation for Tomas Barfod’s single, ‘November Skies’, which is out now on the song’s self-titled EP.  A myriad of percussion and chimes fall into place with Nina Kinert’s gentle voice, making for a stunningly chill and dancy track.

The full EP includes remixes from Nite Jewel, Sepalcure, Jerome LOL, Touchy Mob, and Sekouia.  Pianos and broken vocal loops define Nite Jewel’s faster, more electronic version of the song while Sepalcure uses silence, deep drum womps, and light tambourines to balance the delicate nature of the track with a new exotic sound.

However, the standout remix from the EP comes from Jerome LOL of the recently broken up LOL Boys duo.  Ethereal sounds laced throughout the entirety of the EP are quickly swept away like cobwebs in Jerome’s mix, which offers a fun, dank beat and distorted, high-pitched vocals similar to those heard in Dillon FrancisIDGAFOS.  This remix is bright, illuminating unique, original components of Barfod’s track like the rich sounds of quivering bells and layered vocals.

Touchy Mob’s Dub Remix makes good use of the cowbell and deeper bass sounds that stands out as the heaviest tune on an EP full of leaner sounding songs.  Sekuoia’s Remix is successful in preserving the integrity of the original track by leaving vocals relatively unaltered while adding a carefully produced rhythm, similar to those crafted by Four Tet.

As a whole, the EP can best be described as “fancy” – an elegant piece with artists who know how to alter an original track to make it better in an innovative way. The November Skies EP is out on Friends of Friends Records with the entire EP on Spotify, individual remixes on each artist’s Soundcloud, and available for purchase on iTunes and at FoF Bandcamp.

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