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David Dann – “Sometimes” EP

After the highly anticipated release of David Dann’s debut album ‘To Each His Own’, David’s cranked out 3 new tunes that are sure to impress. The Sometimes EP has a more loungey feel than its preceding album, and its smooth beats and gentle harmonies are sure to lull you into a relaxed state of euphoria.

The first track, ‘Sometimes’, sets the pace for the album with beautiful vocals in combination with a well-implemented acoustic guitar. It almost reminds me a little bit of Tegan & Sara’s ‘Feel it in My Bones’, but with a more laidback approach.

The second track, ‘Love Sine’, has a little 80’s flavor that caught my attention. It sounds a lot like something I would want to listen to while driving down Sunset Blvd at the end of a long night. Upbeat and downtempo at the same time, a combination you don’t see too often.

The third and final track, ‘Roger Room’, is another chillout track with an almost minimalist style. As the song progresses and develops it takes you away into its own world of peaceful serenity. This is something that would definitely make it onto my “After Hours” playlist.

Check out all of the records below, and if you dig ’em, show your support and make the purchase on Beatport or iTunes


“Sometimes” EP by David Dann Official

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